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Real Estate Photography Checklist


  • Ensure all lights and lamps are on and have working bulbs.

  • All ceiling fans are off.

  • All toilets lids are closed.

  • Clean all windows and mirrors.

  • Vacuum carpet.

  • Make all beds.

  • Clean counter tops.

  • Declutter as much as possible (hide newspapers, magazines, TV remotes).

  • Sweep and mop if necessary.

  • Hide cleaning equipment.

  • Hide trash cans.

  • Remove all notes, pictures and magnets from refrigerator.

  • Hide pet beds, bowls and toys.​


  • Remove vehicles from driveway/garage if driveway/garage is to be shot.

  • Sweep and declutter garage if to be shot.

  • Ensure lawn is clean and mowed.

  • Store mower out of sight.

  • Sweep driveway, walkways and sidewalk if applicable.

  • Clean pool if applicable.

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